KONG Laser

Brand: KONG
Pet Type: Cat
Pet Age: Young- Adult
Pet Size: Small – Large
Dollar Scale: N/A
Energy Level: Moderate – High
Chew Type:  Moderate
Play Preferences: Let’s Play! Let’s Chase! Let’s Hunt!
Catnip: No

KONG Laser is a fun way to play with your cat. Point the laser at the wall or floor and watch your cat hunt, stalk and pounce on the laser.

NOTE: ALWAYS be sure to never shine the laser or onto anything reflective, because it can damage their eyes 

10 Total Score
Editor's Review

This toy isn't just a favorite of my cats, its a favorite of mine! I find in the spring my cats (indoor) are keen to go outside. This laser pointer helps distract them from the door when I'm on my way out. I keep it on my keychain for convenience.

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