KONG Feather Teasers

Brand: KONG
Pet Type: Cat
Pet Age: Young- Adult
Pet Size: Small – Large
Dollar Scale: $
Energy Level: Moderate – High
Chew Type:  Moderate
Play Preferences: Let’s Play! Let’s Chase! Let’s Hunt!
Catnip: Yes

KONG Feather Teaser collection is designed for interactive play. North American Premium Catnip is added to the toy on the end of the line to keep kitty’s interest.

Also Available in: Blue Bird, Butterfly, Flamingo


KONG Feather Teaser Butterfly

toy on the end of a string with catnip

7.8 Total Score
Editor's Review

Teaser toys like this are an essential in our kitty toy chest. The catnip added in makes this toy even more irreplaceable in my kitty's eyes. The plastic pole eventually breaks after a while, but this toy is so good that we'd buy it again

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