KONG Kitten Chirpz Chick Cat Toy

Brand: Kong
Pet Type: Cat
Pet Age: Kitten, Young, Adults
Pet Size: Small – Large
Dollar Scale: $$
Energy Level: Moderate – Extremely Active
Chew Type: Gentle- Average Chewer
Play Preferences: Let’s Play! Let’s Hunt!
Catnip: Yes

Kong Kitten Chirpz Cat Toy is ideal for the curious kitten that wants to exercise their natural instincts for pouncing and hunting. This little bird can sing and chirp, which makes for a realistic game.
Made for little paws, this toy is suitable for kittens or small cats, but larger cats can still have fun with it too!

KONG Kitten Chirpz Chick Cat Toy

Interactive cat toy that sings and chirps like a real bird

7.7 Total Score
Editor's Review

This is my go to toy to give to my cats! My male tabby can play with this for days and not get bored of it. The chirping and singsonging gives him endless entertainment and brings out the lion in him!

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