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It goes something like this…

Pets, we absolutely adore pets and we really care about their well-being. A huge part of their well-being is their physical and mental stimulation. In other words, Play Time!

Whether its laser pointer play with your cat, new puppy teething or stimulating your budgie, the questions are the same when shopping for pet toys, “Can you make a recommendation for…?”

After almost 10 years of experience in the pet industry varying from shelter work to retail store and grooming salon ownership we’ve heard you loud and clear!

Pet Owners need help finding the right pet toys to save time and money! 

Have you ever bought a toy that you thought would be a perfect fit for your dog only to get it home and it be destroyed within minutes? Or the fantastic kitty nip mouse your kitten shows no interest in playing with?

Suggestions can always be made and we all know that labeling can be deceiving. What’s good for my pet might not work as well for yours.


We created MyPTR to bring Pet Owners together to search, review and be rewarded!

Filter play and destructibility levels and search the data base of 1000’s of pet toys (always growing) to narrow down the best options for your pet. We’ll even provide a link for purchase when available!


Rate and review the pet toys you’ve had experience with so other Pet Owners can make decisions for their pets.

Be rewarded! When pet toy companies ask us to review their toys we send them to you! Earn rewards by leaving reviews. Stay active and be noticed!

We want to see a world of happy, healthy pets!

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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